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Starck. Intersection.

May 21, 2010

I just picked up the new Intersection magazine. This is one of the most engrossing magazine articles I’ve ever read! Phillipe Starch talks about his Cars, boats, planes, and a special soapbox that he designed just for the article. Great photos. Unbelievably envy inducing. Pick it up if you have a chance! Click here if you can read french.


Digital Bathroom

May 21, 2010

bitMAPS is a custom tile system created by vacuum forming over a variable mold. This application integrates many of the functional elements of the bathroom. Read more here

ojue: Sexy Japanese Lunch Boxes

May 8, 2010

These are some sweet-ass lunchboxes. Leave it to the Japanese! Due to economy recession and health craze, it’s become really popular to bring packed lunch to work in Japan. Here are colorful and functional lunch boxes, ojue. There are 3 boxes but you can use as many boxes as you like depending on your appetite. As they are so slim, they could be easily fit into your bag.

More here


May 4, 2010

Heres a cool ICFF preview. designKLYK is Kenjiro Yamakawa and Loren Kulesus.  Both are NYC based designers exhibiting at the 2010 ICFF.