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February 22, 2011

Here it is, after months of hard work. The Flobo stands for Flexible buoyancy. It was designed by Alex Chatham. It is a lifejacket that gives its wearer greater mobility by tessellating the foam that usually inhibits and restricts the wearer. Thanks to its flexible design, it feels much more comfortable than a traditional life jacket and is also safer because it gives its wearer more freedom. Right now it’s competing in the Innovations in Lifejacket design 2011 competition. Vote for it on Facebook.


Prepara Herb Savor on Oprah

November 23, 2010

The Prepara Herb Savor has made Oprah’s favorite things list 2010!

Before the Herb Savor came into her life, Oprah says she was in an herb tizzy. “I was asking everybody, ‘How do you keep herbs fresh?’ including Martha Stewart herself,” she says. “But then I discovered this.” The Herb Savor keeps herbs fresh for up to three weeks, depending on the herb, by submerging the stems in water. “It’s a basil saver,” Oprah says.

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Loren at Cut & Paste

October 4, 2010

Our very own Loren Kulesus participated in Cut & Paste this Saturday in the 3D category. He was runner up against some stiff competition. His philosophy:

“I like to design things that people find useless. I like to spend time answering questions no one asks. I like to give people the opposite of what they ask for, and when they like it I go back to the drawing board. I wonder if I can find work in this city.”

Congratulations Loren!


March 28, 2010

use your bare foot ,feet or tongue! this board will stick to you like no other!

very much customizable and desirable.

and lastly, lasts forever until you break the tray.



March 25, 2010


Here is a quick, eerie picture of a chadelier that I’ve been working on. Its based on the principal of tensegrity- all of the elements are floating in tension with no solid connections.