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Element house by MOS

April 10, 2010

MOS Architects prefab home strategy, called the Element House, is built from elemental modular housing unit and the growth of the home is based on the Fibonacci Sequence.

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rain collector skyscraper

March 16, 2010

polish architectural students ryszard rychlicki and agnieszka nowak of H3AR received
a special mention for their proposal in the 2010 skyscraper competition.

‘capture the rain’ skyscraper is a building whose roof and external shell, which consists
systems of gutters, are aimed at capturing as much rainfall as possible to meet the daily
needs of its inhabitants. average daily consumption of water per person is 150 liters,
out of which 85 liters may be replaced by rain water. within the last thirty years water
consumption has significantly increased. there are lots of factors that contribute to such
an increase such as increasing number washing machines and dish washers, increasing
popularity of garden showering devices and flushing toilets. a third of water being used
in households in western countries is flushed in toilets. since 1900 the total water
consumption in the US has increased by 1000%. at present, an average american uses
five times more water that a citizen of developing countries. such an increase is related
to among others improved living standards. on the other hand, a national hobby of
the danes is collecting rain water for washing and watering plants. within the last ten years
average use of pure water in denmark dropped by 40% and inhabitants of the so called
eco-villages use a third part of the national average.

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Airspace Tokyo by Faulders Studio

March 15, 2010

Located in the Kitamagome Ota-ku district, the site was previously occupied by the owner’s family with a residence uniquely wrapped by a layer of dense vegetation. Since the entire site was razed to accommodate construction for the new larger development, Faulders Studio has created an exterior building skin that performs with similar attributes to the demolished green strip and creates a new atmospheric space of protection. More here.