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February 22, 2011

Here it is, after months of hard work. The Flobo stands for Flexible buoyancy. It was designed by Alex Chatham. It is a lifejacket that gives its wearer greater mobility by tessellating the foam that usually inhibits and restricts the wearer. Thanks to its flexible design, it feels much more comfortable than a traditional life jacket and is also safer because it gives its wearer more freedom. Right now it’s competing in the Innovations in Lifejacket design 2011 competition. Vote for it on Facebook.


Prepara Herb Savor on Oprah

November 23, 2010

The Prepara Herb Savor has made Oprah’s favorite things list 2010!

Before the Herb Savor came into her life, Oprah says she was in an herb tizzy. “I was asking everybody, ‘How do you keep herbs fresh?’ including Martha Stewart herself,” she says. “But then I discovered this.” The Herb Savor keeps herbs fresh for up to three weeks, depending on the herb, by submerging the stems in water. “It’s a basil saver,” Oprah says.

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Russian T-50

September 30, 2010

Russian T-50

American F-22

I am a huge aviation fan, so I was really excited when the Sukhoi T-50, Russia’s new generation of fighter jet was unveiled last January. I was even more excited when the new paint scheme was unveiled recently! It looks like a steam-punk F-22 (Americas current fr online stealth-ish fighter jet). The design was definitely influenced by the earlier American jet, just look at the photo. The metal exhaust panels at the back look funny given the plane’s otherwise sleek, stealth appearance. The paint job looks like a Luftwaffe camouflage from world war 2.

The future of the book- is a screen!

September 22, 2010

I know, we didn’t need IDEO to tell us that. These are really interesting interaction concepts that were done as studies by IDEO into the future of reading. There seem to be plenty of opportunities to augment and enhance your reading experience, now that books are digital. I also really love the quality and flavor of this simple movie.

Marc Newson’s Expensive Toys at Gagosian

September 15, 2010

I went to this show last night.  I was a bit skeptical when I heard about it- is it a designer retrospective, or boat showroom? Of course I soon realized that I don’t care! I love Marc Newson and really enjoyed seeing some of his more mobile designs all under one roof. They were all there-his jet, silver surfboard, bicycle, Ford concept car, Virging Galactic Spaceship Interior, and of course his Aqua Riva boat. It does seem like more than a coincidence that the boat was released in June, and now its being shown at the Gagosian gallery during fashion week. That’s not the point. The boat is very attractive. At first glance it looks like traditional Riva woodwork, but a closer look reveals that it is fiberglass with brown resin. The  signature Newson forms and vibrant color (brown on white on electric blue) all make for a satisfying design experience, and those handles on the glass…. I recommend going to check the show out as soon as you can! More info here.

Starck. Intersection.

May 21, 2010

I just picked up the new Intersection magazine. This is one of the most engrossing magazine articles I’ve ever read! Phillipe Starch talks about his Cars, boats, planes, and a special soapbox that he designed just for the article. Great photos. Unbelievably envy inducing. Pick it up if you have a chance! Click here if you can read french.

Digital Bathroom

May 21, 2010

bitMAPS is a custom tile system created by vacuum forming over a variable mold. This application integrates many of the functional elements of the bathroom. Read more here

ojue: Sexy Japanese Lunch Boxes

May 8, 2010

These are some sweet-ass lunchboxes. Leave it to the Japanese! Due to economy recession and health craze, it’s become really popular to bring packed lunch to work in Japan. Here are colorful and functional lunch boxes, ojue. There are 3 boxes but you can use as many boxes as you like depending on your appetite. As they are so slim, they could be easily fit into your bag.

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May 4, 2010

Heres a cool ICFF preview. designKLYK is Kenjiro Yamakawa and Loren Kulesus.  Both are NYC based designers exhibiting at the 2010 ICFF.


March 28, 2010

use your bare foot ,feet or tongue! this board will stick to you like no other!

very much customizable and desirable.

and lastly, lasts forever until you break the tray.